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2nd race! - the pedestal of her innocence [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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2nd race! [Apr. 18th, 2009|12:37 pm]
My 2nd race, another 5k, was this morning.

Steve and I got there about 7:30 to get our shirts and swag and get that all put away before the race. At 8:15 we started lining up and the race began at 8:30am. Unlike the first race, it wasn't cold. It was about 60 degrees but the humidity was atrocious. It started drizzling on us about 10 minutes into the run.

My goal in this race was simply to beat my previous time...I didn't really have a plan to make a specific time, just beat the 34.42 from the previous race.

We have a treadmill at home where we do the majority of our training, but it reads slightly off, slightly slow. We think the distance might be a bit short too. As in, it says we went 1 mile at 5mph, but it was really 1.3miles at 5.5mph, type thing, but we don't know how much it's really off. Anyway, during training I've been unable to beat my previous race time without my heart rate reaching my maximum and forcing me to slow down, so I was skeptical that I could beat my time by much.

When the race began I chose my pace and began running. I felt it was slightly faster than I'd been training, but I knew that I could continue at the same pace (close anyway) through the end. When I reached the first mile marker it said 10.13!!! That is a lot faster than my previous race 1mile time so I knew I was on track to beat myself. I was already working pretty hard and about this same time was when it started drizzling.

At the 2nd mile marker the time said 20.30 which meant I was keeping the same pace! I was ecstatic because, as a treadmill runner, it's hard for me to know how fast I'm going or at what pace without the treadmill. I was really pleased that I was keeping it up. I attempted a cup of water but failed at drinking-while-running. Is there a trick I don't know about to get more water in your mouth than on your body?

When I reached the final corner of the race, leaving approximately .2 to go, I sped up. I could see the timer at the finish line and I was doing really good. Slightly slower this final mile, but the final mile was almost all uphill, so I was ok with that. But I still wanted the best time I could get so I ran much harder. When I crossed the finish line the clock said 32.02.

I beat my previous time!!! I also know that my chip time will be about 20-30 seconds or so faster b/c I was pretty far back in line when the race began.

It wasn't as scenic as the first race along the Katy Trail in Uptown Dallas, but it was still a lot of fun and I am really happy with how well I ran.

One day I'll get fast but for now I'm glad to have beaten myself and plan to do it again next time.

Steve ran this 5k also and he beat me pretty considerably, and also had a great race time.

Our next race is another 5k on the 25th! Only one week to get my speed up just a little...eek eek!

EDIT: chip time 31.47!!! woohoo!

[User Picture]From: aurora_phoenix
2009-04-19 05:37 am (UTC)
Very impressive!
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[User Picture]From: topcad
2009-04-19 02:59 pm (UTC)
good for you! I just started running again and I am taking it very slow..just going a mile at a time and trying to beat my previous time. I hope to do a 5k this summer.
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